Dr. Jasmina Krstic - New York
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New York, NY 10021
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Dr. Jasmina Krstic
Dr. Jasmina Krstic has finished School of Medicine, University of Nis, Serbia in 2002. She was Board certified by Yugoslavian Physician Board and  practiced medicine as a general practitioner at the local City Hospital. She continued her medical education in USA and joined Mount Sinai School of Medicine Residency Program in Internal Medicine which she completed with outstanding performance. She is pleasant, confident, extremely knowledgeable and highly dedicated to the welfare of her patients.

Dr. Krstic was regarded by attending staff as a clear stand out in the medical program, one of the best young physicians and was offered a Chief Residency position.

Her primary goal as a practitioner is to ensure that each of her patients receives the highest available quality of medical care. She accept all insurance plans and joined the practice of Dr. Jusuf Zlatanic.

Dr. Jasmina Krstic - New York, NYC Medical Practice, 132 E 76th St. Suite 2 G, New York NY, 10021 (212) 794-0833